Septic and sewer inspections in Stamford

Let Stright Sewage Disposal Company, Inc. help you with your next septic or sewer inspection in Stamford, CT. If you are thinking about purchasing real estate that has a septic system, you should have it inspected first. We have years of experience and can evaluate septic systems to look for any problems or issues. Knowing what kind of condition the system is in can help you decide what to do about purchasing a particular property. We're also happy to do an inspection on your current system. Contact us today for your sewer inspection or cleaning!
Septic and sewer expert digging in ground

inspection details

What can you expect from an inspection? We'll first research local health department records to obtain plans, so we know what we're looking at. Then we'll vac-pump your septic tank. We'll also check the baffles for solids that could cause clogging. After that, we'll take a look at the inside of your tank and check its overall integrity to see how it's holding up. Finally, we'll look at the pressure from the leaching fields.
Two septic and sewer workers posing in Stamford

additional inspection points

Besides the items described above, we'll also evaluate the leaching fields for sewage penetration and give you an overall idea of how long we think your system will last. We'll even take a look at the plumbing fixtures inside your home. We check for leaks and other potential issues in order to prevent any major damages. Inspections can help preserve the integrity of your system.
Two expert septic cleaner digging in ground

some feedback

Once we've had the chance to inspect a septic system, we prepare a detailed written report that outlines all of our findings. The report will include any recommendations that we have to share with you. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have at that time as well. We're here to help!
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